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Finding Inspiration in Every Stretch

She enjoys teaching both Fitness Fusion classes which combine both fast paced fitness and yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Deep Stretch classes. Sarah’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on the balance between strength and flexibility, exertion and release. 

Her classes combine both strength and mobility work in a dynamic, Vinyasa Flow style. So when attending her classes you can expect to move, sweat and breathe then always ending the class with a short Svanasana to connect with your breath and deeper self.


The Story

Sarah discovered Yoga while working a very demanding job as  Veterinary Technician at a busy emergency centre in Langley, Canada. Originally from New Zealand, she began her career as a Veterinary Technician in 2008 and constantly found herself needing to take breaks from the both physically and mentally difficult aspects of the veterinary world. She travelled the world, always searching for something to help her slow down and enjoy life, rather than getting stuck in the toxic cycle of working more than living. After Covid ran rampant through the world and veterinary clinics became 60% busier, the 12-16hr shifts were wearing thin and management only expected more. Her only outlet at the time was a nearby Yoga & Fitness studio, where she started with fitness classes and enjoyed the benefits of working out under the infrared. It started with only two classes a week, but within the month, she was a daily student and had already picked out her favorite instructors. 


After seeing how happy these instructors were and hearing how much they loved coming to work, she realized something needed to change in her own life. She took it upon herself to enroll in a 200hr Yoga Fusion Teacher Training through the same studio, with the intention to focus on teaching fun, fast group fitness classes. After completing the course, she soon realized she had a keen passion for practising yoga and digging into her deeper self. It was never an easy task, as a Type A personality, but she enjoyed the challenge of attempting to quiet her mind after such a busy work life, and releasing tension through flow. She began teaching at various Yoga & Fitness studios around the Fraser Valley and soon left the Veterinary industry to focus on bringing the peace and tranquility of yoga to not only her own life, but others around her.

Sarah Mallasch

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