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Life Happens, JiuJitsu Helps

Pacific Top Team Hope BC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

PTT Hope is one of many Pacific Top Teams and when you are a member of one, you're apart of a large family with locations all over BC , Alberta and even Bellingham

What We Got..


Embrace the Suck 

Brazilian JiuJitsu is not easy. Nothing in life is, but everyone was a fresh whitebelt at some point,  we understand, YOU SUCK 

Brazilian JiuJitsu

and Now we offer kickboxing

7-18 $80/month


$95/ Month

family discounts

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Workout Facility

Workout Facility

Our Methods

Our Methods

Young Champs


Adults Jiu-Jitsu

Embrace the S.U.C.K.

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 Levels Of Development,

. Three times a week, though teens 15 and up train with the adults. 

We Offer Kick boxing up to 3 days a week as part of our membership.

Its a workout, with emphasis on cardio and conditioning. 

Warm Up, learn some techniques, drill, play a few rounds, if you survive, you'll be addicted and this great group of humans will make you feel right at home. 

Come try out at a gruelling workout. You'll hate it, but you'll love it after. Any condition or level, you will suck, and you must embrace that. 

Come Try Your Free Week Trial 

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